Saturday, October 10, 2009

Disturbing video misusing Einstein's name

I saw this video posted on facebook The link to one rebuttal, which links to the original, is here:

I wrote as a comment to the person posting it:

Actually, this is not a true story, nor does it capture even in the slightest way the views of Einstein on religion (see

Although it is a cute video, there are logical flaws such as the fact that neither "hot" nor "cold" exists except as labels on "temperature", neither label with any special role.

I'm mostly disturbed by the fact that this Christian organization is trying to legitimize a flawed argument, by falsely attributing it to a very famous non-Christian, and nearly non-religious, scientist.

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  1. They can't even get appeals to authority right!

    A nice discussion of the misuse of Einstein's name appears in the first chapter of The God Delusion:,101